FLOUR AND BREAD PRODUCT BARAKAT HARIWA offers premium quality hard wheat sourced directly from the fertile fields of Northern Kazakhstan. Our hard wheat is renowned for its exceptional protein content and superior milling characteristics, making it the perfect choice for artisanal bakers, commercial bakeries, and food manufacturers all over Afghanistan.

Key Features:

  1. High Protein Content: Our hard wheat varieties boast protein content ranging from 12% to 14%, ensuring excellent gluten development for optimal bread texture and structure.
  2. Superior Milling Quality: Our wheat undergoes rigorous quality control measures to guarantee consistent milling performance, resulting in high extraction rates and finely milled flour ideal for a wide range of baking applications.
  3. Rich Nutritional Profile: Packed with essential nutrients including fiber, vitamins, and minerals, our hard wheat provides wholesome goodness in every kernel, promoting overall health and well-being.
  4. Bulk Ordering Options: Whether you're a small artisan bakery or a large-scale food manufacturer, we offer flexible bulk ordering options to meet your specific needs, with competitive pricing and reliable shipping services all over Afghanistan.

Experience the unmatched quality and versatility of Kazakhstan's finest hard wheat. Place your order today and elevate your baking creations with the purity and goodness of nature's bounty from Northern Kazakhstan.