Since we are all responsible over other individuals who live in our society, we are committed to try our best and do our part in forming a prosperous society around us, and become an actual cause to our future modern and ideal country. On 28-March 2015 coincided with 01/08/1394, we as a responsible, educated generation of our war-torn country decided to take a step forward playing our role in economic development and creating occupation opportunities for citizens of our country. And we formed "Flour and Bread Product Barakat Hariwa," a family business under license No D-03-2414 from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. A firm devoted to producing the healthiest and most flavorful flour sourced from some of the world's best wheat varieties.

Flour and Bread Product Barakat Hariwa, located in the industrial town of Herat City with more than 5000 square meter area, hires more than 70 direct and 150 indirect employees. We integrate state-of-the-art machinery, scientific research, development, design, production, and sale. Our technology is the resource of innovation, and innovation is the drive of development. The company concept is "Honesty, Responsibility, Efficiency, Innovativeness, and our operation concept is "Best Quality, Best Service. "

As one of the leading local flour milling factories in western Afghanistan, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we've developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

  • To create value for healthy human nutrition.

  • To produce and offer quality raw material and final product while maintaining satisfactory services in the food industry.
  • Respecting our century-old tradition, we are committed to being pioneers at growing and creating value for our customers, employees, and our society.
  • We aim to become the leading company in our industry in Afghanistan and enhancing our export business while being environmentally and socially responsible.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality Service
  • Respect
  • Local Economy
  • Love
  • Improvement
  • Growth

Food Safety Policy
Flour and Bread Product Barakat Hariwa and its hardworking personnel, as one of the producers of flour, work on continual improvement, the effectiveness of food safety management system to comply with legal requirements of national/international standards, customer needs, prevent food safety hazards, and disposal of non-conforming products. Therefore, with the tireless efforts of the food safety management team we are committed to aligning our food safety management system with ISO 22000-2018 and FSCC 22000 standards to achieve the following goals:
  • To hold the necessary training courses to improve the technical knowledge of the personnel.
  • Increasing our capability to compete with similar domestic and foreign companies in food safety standards compliance.
  • Safety and quality commitment to domestic and foreign customers.
  • Improving and developing processes to ensure safe product production, supplying healthy and hygienic food products to the market.
  • Preventing the production of an unsafe product and eliminating the inconsistencies that arise.
  • Complying with requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the food safety management system.
  • Establishing a proper system for internal and external communications.
  • Preventing the risks from and during production from reaching the customer's hands.

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